TOYOKUNI, Utagawa (1769 - 1835)
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TOYOKUNI, Utagawa (1769 - 1835)
The actors Ichikawa Omezô I (1789/1-1833/7) (left) as Soga Gorô Tokimune, the younger Soga with butterflies on his kimono and Ichikawa Yaozo IV (1804/11-1818/12) as Soga Jûrô Sukenari, the older and quieter Soga brother in a kimono decorated with chidori's / plovers. Gorô is carrying a fox-trap, with a paper strip in it, and there is one standing in front of Jûrô in the play: 'Kagami ga ike omokage Soga'
Signed: Toyokuni ga
Publisher: Tsuruya Kinsuke
Size: ôban diptych
Censor and date seal: kiwame Bunka 3 (1st month of 1806)
Good impression, very good colours, some soiling and somewhat tired paper.
€ 600.-